Thursday, 26 August 2010


Hey peeps! It is I De Lady Of Darkness with a couple of Updates. :)

First of all sorry for not Updating just been a bit busy with some Paper work so to make up for it here are a couple of Illustrational works I've done/completed previously some time ago (one I'm still currently trying to finish).

Speaking of which here on the left is the very Image I'm currently still trying to finish of a Multi Limbed Demon Dude! :D Here I'm trying to teach myself how to Paint with Photoshop.
It's a lot easier than I expected it to be but obviously I've still got a very, VERY long way to go so wish moi luck! :)

On the right is a Doodle of some...Weird...FUgly...Y-Pants Wearing...Smelly...Thingy! I don't know what the HELL it is! O_o
I should also point out that this Image wasn't entirely made by me, half of this was also Illustrated by my good Friend Joshua Kahan who himself is also a fellow Animator/Illustrator. In fact I actually used his personal Style for this instead of my usual own. A Link to his Blog is on the left of my Blog Page under "Links" if you'd like to check out more of his awesomeness (and please do drop by my other Friends Kristin Wright's and Tope Olayinka's Blogs to check out their awesomeness too you won't regret it)! :)

A bit of a Fan Art here on the Left of everyone's favorite Goblin King Jareth from the Cult Classic Film "Labyrinth"! Here I drew him entirely with a Writer Pen! O_o
I'm also considering doing another and even better Illustration of him so do keep your eyes peeled! :)
OH! just for good measure since I LOVE "Labyrinth" so much here's a small treat! 8D

And finally on the right is an Illustration I've attempted of old Style Japanese Art. It's a bit all over a place but hey I think it's worked out quite well actually. :)

Secondly I'm going to be doing a Tribute Illustration to the late, great Frank Frazzetta where I'll be doing an Epic type Illustration done in a similar Style as him BUT knowing the way I work the Illustration itself will more than likely be less serious than Frank Frazzetta's way but hey what's the point of taking inspiration if you're not even going to make it your own. ;) So do look out for it. :)

Thirdly sorry I haven't Uploaded any Animation Work it's just the truth is the majority isn't even finished! O_o As the good old Cleaner form "Toy Story 2" perfectly puts it: "You can't rush Art!" So the Animation I'll more likely Upload for the Time being will be Animation Tests. :)

That's all for now Ladies and Gents and until next time...See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Hey people it's me again! Introducing the final and the most deadliest Sin Pride! :D
Now those who've done their Research will know that Pride is the most dangerous due to the fact that it's the main catalyst cause for the 6 other Sins for without the elements of Pride none of them would exist at all. Of course I would eleborate more but since these are MY Interpretations of The 7 Deadly Sins then I highly suggest you guys go off to do your own Research on this Subject. :p Now here's my Interpreted version of Pride...
Pride is a well dressed, suarve, classy, intelligent, vain and beautifully handsome (come on I'm Woman! Surely I'm entitled to create at least ONE eye candy just for us ladies eh and who better than Pride?! Yes I'm a Female Perve O_o) Demon with a very, VERY nasty and arrogant Evil streak. Since he's the most normal looking of all the Sins as well as a very charming, confident fellow even the world's most biggest cynics end up trusting him completely unaware of his true Evil intentions and by the time they find out it's too late! O_o
Despite being stronger than Wrath (yes STRONGER than Wrath) he solves his plans using his manipulating intelligence and only ever truely uses his strength as a last resort.
He's the Leader of the 6 other Sins who all greatly admire and follow him devotedly. In fact he is the only person they all respect greatly but unfornately he doesn't feel the same way about them and takes great pleasure with treating them all like dirt off his shoe for as far as his arrogant self is concerned he is purely "Superior" of all living things so therefore all must be treated with great contempt! O_o
He has the power to transform into a huge gigantic grotesque looking Monster which takes the strongest elements from all the other 6 Sins but again this is extremely rare which he'll only use as a last resort.
Being Immortal he cannot be killed BUT he can still be defeated for his biggest weakness is his arrogance (despite thinking he doesn't have any at all ooooooo what a surprise) and as the saying goes...Arrogance will be your downfall! :p
And that's the end of The 7 Deadly Sins (it's over already? Ooooooh I feel sad now) but don't worry Peeps I've still got so much Artistic Works to create and show so stay tuned and until next...
See ya later Navigators! :D
Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Hey Peeps! Yes it is I De Lady Of Darkness introducing 2 more Sins Greed and Sloth. :D

Greed (botton Pic obviously) is so overly obsessed with Money he'd do whatever it takes to make damn sure every, single Penny is his thus the nutter has turned himself into a Russian Roullette killing Machine! O_o Never, EVER Gamble with Greed for no matter how good you are or how many lucks you have or hell even cheat you'll always automatically lose! He has Gun arms for crying out loud and he isn't afraid to use them! In fact if you dare even think you have a chance then frankly my dears you deserve die! As the saying goes...Live by the Sword die by the Sword! (Or Guns and Money in Greed's case! :p)
Now Sloth (top Pic obviosly) is a completely different Story for unlike the other Sins he isn't even that Deadly in fact he's just a sadly tragic individual. Sloth used to be a well loved and respected Dancer who fell in love with a woman with the most Beautiful Eyes who in return loved him back as she always loved watching him Dance. Wanting to be with her forever he one day made a deal with Pride to grant him an Immortal Life which Pride agreed with. Now an Immortal Dancer he couldn't wait to bring his true love to Pride to grant her the same gift but unbeknowst to him Pride had another Agenda, he was missing a Sin and wanted him! Thus Pride killed the woman with the Beautiful Eyes leaving the Immortal Dancer devestated. Begging Pride to turn him Mortal again so he can be with her Pride points out that once Immortal that's it! So instead Pride makes him another Deal. Since his lover loved seeing him dance he'll have him eternally dancing with her Beautiful Eyes watching him on within his Immortal Wings and whilst doing this the Immortal Dancer shall also sleep eternally so that he'll be able to Dream of being with her forever. Seeing no other alternative the Immortal Dancer agrees and thus the tragic Sin of Sloth is born eternally dancing and sleeping dreaming of his one true love with the Beautiful Eyes as well as her watching him Dance. Sloth's Hypnotic Dance traps those who sees him into eternal sleeps dreaming on as their Eyes soon join those of his lover watching him Dance for her.
WHEW! That is the most depressing Story I have ever told! O_o
Tune in next time when I introduce the Final Sin Pride but until then...
See ya later Navigators! :D
Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Monday, 9 August 2010


HEY THERE! De Eval one here introducing the latest Sins Wrath & Gluttony. :)

Greedy heavily obese bugger Gluttony (bottom Pic obviously) has quite a few mouths (espcially a HUGE one on his stomach) and has a great appetite for people! O_o Unlike Lust (who only eats men the dirty ho! :p) Gluttony isn't very fuzzy with Genders (even bigger dirty HO! :p), as far as he's concerned we're ALL food! O_o You may also notice that he doesn't have any legs. Well the reason for that is because he's become sooooooooooo obesely FAT that his own weight of his belly evantually consumed his legs! O_o But don't celebrate too soon for he doesn't need legs all he has to do is BOUNCE to his prey YIKES!!!!! O_o
Crazy Dude Wrath (top Pic obviously) on the other hand doesn't eat people but he is extremely deadly! O_o With badly tempared personality EVERYTHING pisses him off. In fact if you so much as do somthing as completly innocent as asking him for the Time he'll not only kill you but he'll kill everyone around you as well as your Friends and Relatives! O_o By tearing his Victims apart limb from limb Wrath always makes sure his Victims are alive whilst doing this hence giving them all a slow, painful death. With the Strength of over a thousand men he is powerful enough to kill 10,000,000,000 in 10 Minutes alone! O_o He takes no Prisoners and once you bump into him there's no escape thanks to the Strength and Speed of his 4 Legs making faster than a Cheater and unlike Cheaters he doesn't get tired! O_o But don't be disheartened for there is still chance for you to Defeat Wrath but it takes real wits to beat this guy for his biggest weakness is his pea Brain (all Strength no Brains :p). Out smart him and he's beaten but becareful for he is simply way too strong! O_o
Well that's it for now coming up Sloth & Greed but until next time...
See ya later Navigators! :D
Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hey! It's annoying me again! :D

Well folks she's finally here it's the next Sin ENVY! And my God was she bloody hard! O_o But hey she turned out well so it was ALL worth it in the end! :D
Now believe it or not I orginally envisioned Envy to be Male but then I realized that Lust was the only Female I had in the group so I had to create another.
This BIATCH basically hates other Woman and kills them (no prize guessing why) so if you're a Beauty Queen...YOU'RE SCREWED!!!!! :p And I don't know but I've always envisoned Envy to be a Reptialian type Creature so as you can tell I've taken aspects from other popular Mythical Reptile type Creatures and VOILA! Here's Ze Result! :D
More Deadly Sins coming soon but until then see ya later Navigators! :D
Noor "Red Eye" Mula