Monday, 16 January 2012

Jonathan & Bowie = Bestest Fwiends Forever! :D

Why helloooooooo there Peeps! It is moi once again bringing you the latest on GANTO:Renaissance!

To be honest this isn't really going to be a long update compared to my previous entries but hey Blog updates don't always have to be long. Anyways to begin I'm re-doing the Turn-Arounds for the GANTO characters starting with Jonathan first (since he'll be featured in my "planned" Teaser Trailer).
Haven't finished yet, I've only done front view so far but hey at least it's a start. :) Also as you folks may remember from my previous update I hinted at creating David Bowie? Well folks...
VIOLA! Here's Mr. Bowie himself! :D I've taken aspects from some of his well known eccentric styles (yes, waaaaaaaaaay before you Lady Gaga) , exaggerated them and have made them my own. :) Just to be clear Bowie will not be involved in the actual GANTO film. However, he will be featured in my planned Teaser Trailer. 

I also still need to ask my former Uni Classmates to help me out with this film if I am to succeed with this film (no matter what the cost, I WILL see this through dammit). I came really close to writing them the email but I'm ashamed to say I sort of chickened out. I'm trying to find the way to ask them without annoying any of them, how will I do it I don't know but I'll figure it out one way or another. Besides, the animation world is well known for being incredibly TINY, therefore I can't exactly keep running away from them forever anyway. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. :)

And if any of you are wondering about the BAA Stings Comp don't worry I'm still working on it. I'll be honest it's getting increasingly unlikely I'll finish it on time for the Comp but it's OK, at least now I'll have a bit more freedom with Al Pasheepo and make him even MORE epic! ;) Again I'll keep you guys posted on BAA. :)

And before I bring this latest update close I saw this Posted earlier by my good pal Natan Rifkin and I have to say I like this, I like this a lot. Very harsh but indeed true.

I think I'll start crossing out the very things I DON'T want to end up as as advised. ;)

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Operation BAA!!!!!: Rough Animation Tests (Late Christmas Card) & GANTO 2012 Updates...

Happy New Year my wonderful Peep Peeps! It is I once again bringing you the latest updates. :)

First up the latest news on our dear friend Al Pasheepo and gang. As you can see I am now on the animation stages...
I only have one month left to complete the short for the BAA Stings Comp. To be completely honest I'm if not sure I'm going to finish it on time, however, even if I don't I still aim to finish this short anyway. I have come too far to quit on this now so instead of worrying about the BAA's Deadline (which is the worst case scenario) I'm now focused on just creating a short that'll wow and entertain people since that's the real reason why I've started working on this project in the first place. When it comes down to it, it's just another brilliant excuse to animate and improve my skill. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Al Pasheepo and gang in future, in the meantime I'd love a couple of feedbacks of what you guys think of my rough animation so far and whether it needs more inbetweening etc. Please, don't let be shy to let moi know, anything that'll improve this short is a plus for me! ;)

Anyways moving on, I was going to post this on my Blog last month but alas I was extremely busy and didn't have time. So for that my dears I apologise. I know Christmas is gone now but as they say better late than never. ;)
I admit, it's not as epic as last year's Christmas Card but it's just a nice, simple, illustration piece I made for my mate Ms. Kristin Wright after she kindly sent me a card by post (1,2,3...Awwwwwwwwww) so I decided to reward her by illustrating her cuddling up to the awesome (and dare I say handsome) Hugh Jackman in a lovely Santa Costume. Also if you're wondering why his entire body is covered in legs, it's a bit of an in joke between us but I'm not so sure she saw the funny side, eeeek! O_o

And now the latest news for GANTO:Renaissance...

The Wizard Of Oz came on TV the other day (ahhhhhhh childhood memories, oh how much I love that film :D) which I happily sat down watched, smiling from ear to ear. Sooooooo what's this got to do with GANTO you ask? Well, after the film finished I decided to read up more information about the film and was especially curious to learn a bit more about the (now sadly departed) main actors from the film. As I researched the one actor who really caught my eye was the actor who played Scarecrow...
His name was Ray Bolger and as well as acting he was also a very talented dancer and was also very good at moving his body, limbs in a quite floppy fashion. In fact if you look at the way he played Scarecrow you can see his floppyness an awful lot. So I started to watch more clips of Ray Bolger on Youtube and the more I saw the more I realised that movement wise, he'd actually be a fantastic reference for Jonathan! :D So on that note Ray Bolger, I salute you! Welcome aboard GANTO:Renaissance! :)
(And on an unrelated note, Dorothy Gale still pisses me off!)

And before I bring this update to a close here's a Treatment for the "Teaser Trailer" I'm considering making to help get people more interested...
Expect Bowie designs coming soon. ;)

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya late Navigators and Happy New Year! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula