Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lucius...Let There be LIFE!!!!! :D

Hey Peeps! It is I once again bringing you the latest developments on our lovely but bitter Friend Lucius The Squirrel.

Of course as many of you know by now I am indeed currently in full Production so instead of still images I'm going to give you a few Sneak Peaks at a couple of the Animations Tests I've done so far.

The 1st footage above are 2 of the most craziest Scenes in the film which I actually Animated first. As you know it's ALWAYS best to  get the hard scenes out the way, saves all of the hassle and panic attacks for later on. ;) Personally I'm really pleased with how they've turned out! Don't know my own strength. :)

The 2nd footage above are one involving a Lip Synch scene (no sound BTW) and the latter a "creepy crawl". I quite like how the Lip Synch  scene turned out, all it really needs is some In-betweens and it's done! :) But the "creepy crawl" on the other hand I'm not quite sure about. In fact I don't think it even worked to be honest. :/ Either it needs more In-betweens OR I may have to Animate it all over again. Ugh! HATE it when that happens. >:(

The 3rd and final footage involves 2 different hand Scenes and 1 of Lucius laughing. Just like the first footage I also feel the above works pretty well. What's especially interesting is the fact that Lucius laughing and the muscular hand are both only 3 Frames each! O_o Just goes to show you don't need to Animate tons of pictures to get a brilliant movement haha! :D Now the creepy hand obviously had a lot of Frames (I think it's 30 Frames if memory serves me right but I'm not quite sure) but of course Scenes do indeed need more Frames then others and besides...Whenever you see the final result it's just so worth it so it's no biggie at all.
Starting to feel a little more positive about this Project now. :)

Now some of you guys may remember that there was a Dog involved in this Film right? Well I have just given him a massive Re-Design and the bottom images are the results! :)

A Dog who you could say is indeed shamelessly in touch with his feminine side :p haha! :D I've even taken the liberty of giving him a name and it shaaaaaaall beeeeeeeeeee....*Drum Roll" BUTCH!!!!! :D

But...What has Butch got to do with this Film you ask? Like I'm going to tell you! :p You're all going to have to wait till the Film is finished. ;)

Now that my latest Blog Update time is done, moi needs to get back to Animating ASAP O_o  so that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Friday, 1 April 2011

"The Origin Of Sloth" And The Latest Developments Of Our Favorite Bitter Critter

Heeeeeeeeey Peeeeeeeeeeps! It is I once again bringing you more latest developments in the craaaazaaaay World of MOI!!!!! :D

Remember Months back when I did The 7 Deadly Sins how I wasn't too comfortable with Sloth's original Colour Scheme and considered testing out a more Brownish/Owlish type Colour instead? 

Although the original Purplish/Blueish Colour Scheme HAS indeed grown on me now however, I've decided to give it a go anyway and VOILA!!!!! Here is ze result! :D

I've got to say it truly is amazing how much difference Colours make but of course I'm pretty damn sure you don't need me tell you that eh? ;p

Another reason I've done this is because today I'm taking a small break from the Squirrel thus now's a good time to work on some of my future projects and in this case "The Origin Of Sloth" which I plan to make as a way to introduce "The 7 Deadly Sins" Villians into a Series I've ALWAYS dreamt about making since I was young (which I'm still trying to work on, got to get the Story right first afterall). 

"The Origin Of Sloth" will also be taking on a much more serious tone unlike my of other Stories which whilst the tones were/are still Dark BUT they had fun elements of humour within. I admit this WILL be a challenge since "serious" Stories isn't really my thing and just tend to really depress me to be honest :/ but hey what can you do? We've ALL got to try something different every now and again if we want to survive in this Creative Industry.

Speaking of the Squirrel I have of course officially gone into Production now! :D Here are the current Animation Tests!

After so many changes and tweaks I've decided to just go for it now and if I do need to make changes I can just do it during Production since changes DO indeed happen from time to time during production anyway.

I'll try and keep you all Updated on it's progress as much as possible but as you all know Animation is really time consuming so I'll be very, VERY busy.

Also bare in mind I've only got 2 Months to complete this so I'll be spending my whole Easter Holidays working on this (no rest for the wicked O_o) so please wish moi luck! 

That's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula