Monday, 4 October 2010


Hey Peeps! It is I once again with more Updates! :D

First of all sorry for not Updating for some time but alas I've been EXTREMELY busy recently and will be for some time so I may not be able to Update as often as I like but I'll try my best. Also my next Film Project will be "Bitter Squirrel" so do expect Updates from time to time about that particular one. :)

In the mean time let me make up for the lack of Updates by Posting the Coloured Versions of "The 7 Deadly Sins"! :D

Obviously I'm not going to introduce them again because you should know about them by now! :p But here's some descriptions of certain Colours I've deceided to give them. :)

To be honest I think the Colour Schemes to use for Wrath was so obviously pridictable that I could've just done this blind folded! :p

Saying that I do think this Firey Devilish feel for him truely does work! The only thing I think could've been better though is perhaps the Background. Don't get me wrong I love the Fire Effect I've given it but I can't help and just feel it might be a bit too...Orange. :/ Maybe even more orange than Dale Winton O_o (well almost :p)! Maybe the Fire Effect should be less Orange and perhaps more Darker but then that's just me, you guys might disagree.
Now Sloth's Colour Scheme is a tricky one because I'm really not sure if this one works at all. :/

To give it somewhat of a Sleepy, tragic feel I felt the best Colours to use are Purple and Blue which as you can see mixed together are the majority Colours here.

I don't know, there's somthing about this that just doesn't seem...Right. :/ I'm considering Re-Colouring him and trying out Brownish type Colours like an Owl or somthing but that's just me you guys might feel differently.
Man Eater Lust!

For Lust's Colour Scheme I thought it'd be best to give her somewhat of a Romantic yet Darkly Gothic feel so after extensive research the marjority of the Colours are Purple and Dark Pink.

Personally I think this Scheme turned out brilliantly! However the only parts I don't think quite worked is the Wine Glass (then again it's more the way I Drew it I have a big problem with) and the Necklace which IMO is too bright.

A Greenish yet Firey like Battle Scheme for the Character of Envy just to give her a more threatening look (well...She IS a 6 armed mutant Reptile like Demon you know :p). Personally I think this Colour Scheme works quite well for her but what do you think? I don't know.
PRIDE!!!!! I love my Pride he's Gorgeous! :D (Even though he's a bloody Eval B*****D! O_o)

ANYWAY enough perving over my own Creation (how disturbing O_o) back to business! Now for Pride's Character I thought what Colours would suit this particular Dude the best? And then I figured that Gold and Red (mostly Gold though) are the Perfect Colours to represent his pure Vanity and arrogance.

I have to say I really like this Colour Scheme, it works so well IMHO!
Now Greed I say was the most difficult Sin to Colour.

All sorts of Colours I tried just wouldn't suit him at all and whilst tempting I refused to give him the same Colours as The Joker for if I did then he wouldn't really look like my own Character anymore and I truely do want to make these my own.

After many Tests and Experiments I felt Gold, Green and Red (but mostly Gold) best suited him of all.
Fatso Gluttony! (God how much I HATE this Sin! UGH!!!!! D:<)

For this disgusting thing I really wanted to give the type of Colours that would just vomitly frastrates you! I also decided to give him blood like brusing to really give the feel of how irritatingly Obese he is!

Well that's all for now folks until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula


  1. It's really nice to see your stuff in colour Noor!

    Nice one

  2. Awwwwww thanks! :D

    YES! I finally used Colour! :p To be honest the reason why I've never really used Colour because in my view I was never really that good at it :( well at least that's what I thought until NOW! :D

    Truthfully this probably would never have happened if it wasn't for the many badgerings I got from Kristin: "NOOR! You really need to start Colouring your Images! Do them in Colour! Do them in Colour! Do them in Colour!" So in a way it's her I've got to thank for giving me this confidence. :) Sometimes I DO need to be pushed unfornately.

    My God this Comment is turning into a Mini Blog! O_o I'll hush now!