Friday, 15 October 2010


Hey Peeps! It is I De Eval One here once again to show off another finished Illustartion of mine I've done in Coloured! :D

I have to say ever since I've successfully Coloured "The 7 Deadly Sins" I just really want to Colour ALL my images now HAHA! :D

So of course I decided to take a bit of a Liberty with my wonderful Mutant Vampire Character otherwise known as Phillip! :p

As you can see with moi's chosen Colours I'm really trying to bring back the Old School Style of my favorite Legendary Monsters Vampires! Just need to make them awesome again! I really, REALLY HATE what they've become today! D:< Why oh WHY have they been turned into such Wussies I'll never know! :(

So yeah hopefully I can help recreate the awesome Vampire Legends the way they SHOULD be in my future Stories. :)

Well that's it for now until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :)

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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