Saturday, 30 April 2016

Doggy NOT Eat Doggy Catty World 2...Fweeeeeeeeduuuuuuuuumb!

Hello there my wonderful Peeplings! It is way once again bringing forth what once was old, spiced up with something (slightly) new.

What on earth am I talking about? Well here I am to elaborate further...

Anyone remember this fan requested posting from last year? From the person I've referred to as Annony to create art work of his/her Cat & Dog and do it in any style I wanted? What I never mentioned from that posting was that Annony wanted me to make it kid friendly because s/he also wanted the image as a gift to give to his/her Niece & Nephew. Is that a problem? Of course not, no problem at all and I'm more than happy how that very image turned out. Having said that however, I'll be lying if I said it didn't completely scupper what I had originally planned to do. So if that idea still lodged into my mind months later, I decided to re-visit it good ol' fashioned Red Eye style...
And viola! Here is ze result! Because Annony is a huge fan of Judge Dredd and Tank Girl I had always originally intended to go with the dystopian type theme and now that I have I can sleep peacefully at night! So what does Annony think of this? Well, let's just haven't shown it to him/her yet...

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Thursday, 31 March 2016

More Tests! Jonathan, Cleo &...Eeeeek! Where's The Darstadly Pubert Head?!

Hello Peeps! It is I once again...With more GANTO animation tests YAY! And for once it actually features all 3 of the main characters!

Jonathan, Cleo and Pubert at their finest! Err or Jonathan, Cleo and headless Pubert at their finest more like. So what gives? Where on earth is that dastardly Pubert's butt-ugly head?!
Yeeeeeek! Quite creepy isn't it? Fear not folks for I, De Red Eye, has a very good explanation for this. Due to the fact Pubert talks during this shot, I thought it was best to animate his talking head separately and then edit it all together when it all comes to the final edit. Not so scary now is it? 

Sorry for the short update but honestly what else is there to talk about? The tests pretty much speak for themselves yes? Stay tuned for either more tests or illustration works in future mm'kay?

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Woot! Proper GANTO Animation Tests At Long Last!

Bonjour my darling Peeps! It is I once again with actual GANTO animation tests done properly at long last!

Sorry it's taken so long but at least you folks can finally see how the GANTO project is doing so far.
Have to say I'm actually kind of impress how I'm doing so far, so worried that the tests might not work out how I'd like but wow! It's actually working out better than I anticipated! Granted it still needs some tweaking here and there but for now I'm just glad to see my hard work and passion haven't gone to waste after all.

Just for the record I have actually done so much more than this but due to time I've decided to just upload these for the time being and save the rest for future updates. After all where is the fun in the tease if I showed all of them at once eh?

Expect more GANTO teaser animation tests in the not too distant future. But for the time being I've now got to turn the above B&W animation tests into these...

It will take a while so please do wish me the best! Also you may notice Jonathan's colours are slightly different from his original concept art here...
And believe me when I say there is a very good reason for this. Because the original coloured code sheet for Jonathan has now sadly gone missing, thus I had to try and re-discover the colour codes I used original. However, in doing so I discovered I actually liked the newer coloured codes better, hence why I decided to just stick to the new coloured code and quickly jotted down list for the codes future reference. Not to worry me' hearties, for I will make absolute sure not to lose the new colour codes this time.

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Bitter Start To 2016: A Sadly Fairwell Ode To Bowie & Rickman

Happy BELATED New Year Peeples! It is I once again with an incredibly sad first blog post of 2016 actually.

Unless you folks have been living under rock thus far, you should have by now have heard sad news that both David Bowie and Alan Rickman have died within the same week. Talk about a sucky start to 2016! It was already bad enough losing David Bowie but to lose Alan Rickman a few days later WHY?! Needless to say I was very saddened. Honestly there really isn't anything I could say which haven't been said by so many others already. So instead I decided to pay tribute to the wonderful legends in the only way I know how, De Red Eye style!

Inspired by the famous William Blake painting Jacob's Ladder, I decided create something similar...
And viola! Here's the result in all it's glory! Honestly, both Bowie's and Rickman's legacies are just so amazing I could just picture them deciding together to be remembered for each and everyone of their iconic moments because why the bloody hell not?

I may re-visit this image later in future because to be honest I'm not fully satisfied with how the colours have turned out but for now I hope I've done them proud.

And before I bring this latest update to a close, I'll just finish it off by posting David Bowie's Magic Dance from one of my favourite films of all time Labyrinth...

And Pretty Woman from Sweeney Todd too (since I accidentally left Judge Turpin OOPS! Another incredibly awesome Alan Rickman performance)...

All in R.I.P. Bowie & Rickman, and thank you both so much for just being...Well, awesome iconic legends!

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Friday, 25 December 2015

A Very Thomas & Druken Doggies Christmas! (Final Blog Update Of 2015)

Merry Chrimbo Peeps! It is I once again with the final update of 2015 before the start of the new 2016! And what better way to end the year than a Christmassy theme but this time with an another Fan request!

Now like last time, this other person wishes not to be named either so I shall respect that request and name him/her Anononon. Interestingly enough Anononon wanted me to create 2 images, one of a Staffie & Jack Russell celebrating Christmas and the other a very simple Thomas The Tank Engine type card. So with pen and pencil in hand, I went straight to work...
 And viola here is ze result! To be honest I thought it would be quite boring to just have a Staffie & Jack Russell sitting there smiling so in pure Red Eye I decided to make it a little more interesting and make them look drunk whilst celebrating Christmas! Not going to lie, am a bit concerned about that Christmas Tree in the background standing so dangerously close to the Fireplace, let's just hope nothing catches on fire...

Now onto the Thomas image. Although a big part of me really wanted to put in some Red Eye spice into the image, I really couldn't do it I'm sorry! It's freaking Thomas The Tank Engine dammit, he's such a huge part of all our childhoods I just couldn't do it! That would be like drawing Mickey Mouse with 3 heads and multiple eyes (an image I never, ever wish to see again UGH curse you internet)! So while not my usual style, I decided to keep it as sweet and simple instead as you will below...
Wait a darn minute are those Snowmen mocking me?! Shut up Snowmen don't be such jerks, you try being cruel to Thomas and then we'll see if you'll be laughing then!

Have to say, it's really nice to create something new and different from my usual artistic style so just for that thank you Anononon for providing me with a new challenge. Now if you'd like a fan request for me to create, here's how to get in touch.
How interesting that this time I didn't pull up my Epic Christmas Card I created years back...Ah a screw it I can't resist here!
What can I say? It's the one Christmas related illustration I'm most proud of making, it just screams "Red Eye" and I fear I may never be able to top it! Hope I will eventually but for the time being I shall keep posting this every Christmas dammit!

Now before I bring this final 2015 entry to a close a couple of GANTO related update. Animation wise I'm doing fine no complaints there, it's the Scanner that's the problem grrrrr! Hopefully in the new year it'll all be sorted but fear not GANTO is still being made behind the scenes waiting to be seen so please do keep a big eye on that front.

Well that's all for 2015 folks and until next time...


Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Doggy NOT Eat Doggy Catty World!

Why hello again there Peeps! It is I once again showcasing to you all ever more...Errrm...Stuff?

Anyways for this month's update I shall be talking about another fan requested illustration, with the fan in question wanting to remain anonymous since s/he doesn't really like putting his/her name out there on the internet (which is fair enough honestly), therefore I shall only refer to him/her as Anonny!

So Anonny requested if I could draw his/her Cat & Dog which is fine and all except it was very vague, what does s/he want his/her Cat & Dog to do and how does s/he want me to draw them? Not too sure him/herself, s/he sent me their photos of what they looked like as well informing me that his/her Dog is a female whilst the Cat is male (blinded in one eye to boot) and just said s/he was interested to see what I would come up with, doing so with little to no information. So with pen and pencil (and later Photoshop) in hand I got cracking and ended up creating these...
Viola! Here is ze result! Playing dress up, the Cat & Dog are living on their own little floating island without in care in the world (and quite frankly the way this very planet is like at the mo, they're better on on floaty island)! The only problem is, as I discovered after completion, the Doggy can survive just fine with giant bones growing on the side but what about the poor Cat? All's well and good him playing with his Gameboy and near ball-yarn tree and all, but the Cat can't just survive on that, he needs to eat too dammit! So going straight back to square one I decided to add a little extra...
Viola! Here is ze other result! A bunch of flying Rats-With-Wings floating all over the place, now neither the Cat nor Dog shall starve and may very well stay just fine on this floaty thing away from all the increasing madness of this planet forever! As to what Annony thought of all this...Let's just say we have one big happily impressed bunny.

On this note if you wonderful folks, just like what Annony did, would like to send in a fan request for moi to create, here is the contact detail below...
If it's in anyway shape and form rude however, than forget it! I will just ignore that type of request completely, you've been warned!

Now before I bring this latest update to a close, I'd like to just apologise for last month's update. Because I just wanted to showcase my numerous GANTO animation tests so badly, I thought I had figured out the perfect way to do it without the scanner but alas as you all saw the quality didn't turn out as great as I wanted at all. Worry not for I shall continue to animate GANTO from my very Red Eye Chambers, so on that note the GANTO project is still progressing incredibly well but just be warned you won't be seeing any tests anytime soon until I can finally sort out my incredibly annoying scanning situation! Worst case scenario I may just only post the main key-frames instead so that you wonderful folks can get a rough idea how the GANTO project is looking like so far.

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Friday, 30 October 2015

Slight delay but it's here, Cleo & Samatha Tests!

Ahooooooy there Peeps! First of all I'd like to apologise for the delay, due to horrible technical difficulties this took longer than expected and even with that said I feel...Well, unsatisfied with the result.

As you may remember from my previous updates I'm currently down a scanner. However, I've managed to figure another way to showcase some animation tests but here's where the unsatisfaction comes in. This method has made the tests look jumpy instead smooth which if I had my damn scanner working I wouldn't be having this issue grrrr! Therefore despite doing so much animation tests for GANTO so far, I decided to just showcase the least jumpy tests so far.

As you can see the movement definitely works but the jumpy camera is being a jerk to me. I'll be re-posting these tests (and others I've created so far) in the future but only after I get my scanner up and running again. Don't worry you lovely folks will still be getting GANTO updates, it's just you won't be seeing the animation tests anytime soon which I'm gutted about because I was really looking forward to it.

And before I bring this latest update to a close you folks must be wondering if I've created any Halloween related art? Well believe it or not I did indeed have something planned but because GANTO takes my full priority at the mo I had to skip it for now. Not to worry for what I had planned I will be making for next year's Halloween instead.

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ze Tales Of Black Mass & Fairies! (I.E. Even More Talenthouse Comps)

Hello there fellow Peeps! It is I once again to talk about my Talenthouse entry for...

But first I'm going to talk about another Talenthouse competition I entered to design a dress for the singer Lena. Although I'm not a "fashionista" at all to be honest, I still decided to enter it anyway more so as an experimental illustration to try something different from my usual "crazy and dark humoured" style. For my design I decided to go with a fairy theme whilst also bearing in mind of paying respect for Lena's late friend (the reason why she wants this dress in the first place, as a tribute to her friend), so here is my illustration with 3 different colour palettes.
As for the dress itself, by using a similar silhouette style in the same vein as the world renowned German Animator Lotte Reiniger, I wanted to use silhouettes within the dress to represent the everlasting friendship between Lena and her late friend whom she clearly really cared for. For the final entry I decided to enter the 2nd colour palette. Although the winner of this comp is yet to be announced however, either way it was nice to try something different for once to help me grow as an artist.

Now back to the other Talenthouse entry...
And viola here is ze result! Despite being an animator this is the first time I've ever actually created a Gif! And since that was the case I just figured "Why not begin with style?" For this project I decided to go with the traditionally drawn animation method whilst still sticking to the spirit of the film itself Black Mass. Despite all the hard work, "non" sweat and "non" tears, I'm very pleased to say to was an awful lot of fun to create! Unlike the Lena comp, the winner for Black Mass has been announced and although I didn't win it (sadly) it was still a very nice pleasure involved with (not to mention have have something nice and new to add to my animated showreel).

Now before I bring this latest update to a close you wonderful folks are probably wondering what's happening on the GANTO front? Well, the bad news is the scanner at home is still down unfortunately (major bummer huh?). HOWEVER...The good news is after my little experiment with Black Mass I think I've figured out another way to showcase my current animation tests for you all to see! It will be slower than the actual scanning but the point is I figured it out! But you'll just have to wait until next month's update so nah!

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Friday, 28 August 2015

Macbeth Of The Galaxy!: In Colour

Greetings Peeplings, it is I once again bringing you the latest from within moi's far distant mind!

Remember my earlier work Macbeth Of The Galaxy anyone? Well, for this month's update I decided to re-visit this old idea and colour characters...
Whaaaaa no GANTO animation tests this month?! Relax folks I am not faffing, there is indeed a VERY good explanation for this. This month's update was originally going to be showcasing some more GANTO animation tests, in fact I was (and still am) so proud of what I've achieved so far with my tests I couldn't contain my excitement showing you all. So what happened you say? Well, it pains me to say my scanner is down at the mo. Yes, my scanner is down and I have absolutely no idea when it will be up and running again. I even tried using the local Library's scanner because I was so determined to showcase my animation tests...A lot of fat use that was (in other words the Library's scanners are utterly useless). The closest I could show for GANTO right now is this...
The various animated papers of the tests themselves, I know it isn't much but hey it's better than nothing. Believe me when I say I'm doing everything in my power to sort my scanning problem ASAP, when it will be sorted I cannot say but I can guarantee once it's up and running again, I'll make damn sure to show you wonderful folks the tests. For now back to the main subject this month's update...
First up is the main protagonist (but who is actually the real villain of the story) himself Macbeth looking very smug with his egotistical self and sitting majestically on his golden throne. The really highlight the arrogance and prideful power of Macbeth I decided to go with a golden and red colour theme. As they say, pride is a terrible sin. 
Next up is the main antagonist (but who is actually the real hero of the story) Macduff. The ever noble fly-winged, six armed Macduff is the greatest swordsmen of the entire galaxy and a real force to be reckoned with! Although Macduff is a very loyal character towards King Duncan and his sons, I always felt Macduff worked as a little bit of a lone wolf too hence why I decided to go with the black and purple colour theme for his character.
Next up is the ever infamous wife of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth (who never had her own name for some really odd reason). Alien wise I just made her the same four-eyed specie like her husband hence the similar golden colour theme like Macbeth but not quite as much as Macbeth's at the same time. Decided to mainly give her a multi-coloured jewels theme from within her dress to highlight the new found vanity and power which came though her and Macbeth's despicable actions.
Next the Astro Sisters of the stars A.K.A. the three Witches. Since the Witches kept predicting Macbeth's future in the story I just thought "Why not make them into creatures based from the Astrology myths?" I also took the liberty of using similar colour themes based on each of their Astrology they're representing.
Up next is Macbeth's best friend Banquo and his young son Fleance. As well as giving them the underdog type look since *Spoiler Alert: Fleance is destined to become the future King*, I decided to give them a Royal army colour theme to highlight Banquo's loyalty in his part as part of the Royal army. The reason why Fleance is dressed in a similar fashion is because I have no doubt in my mind he loves his father so much he does what other little boys to and try to imitate their own dads.
Now is the turn of the noble King Duncan. Because the character of Duncan has always been described as the good King who always looked after the people of his Kingdom really well, I felt it was only right to give him a kindly look (included with butterfly-wings for good measure). For Duncan I went for a pink and green colour theme for him. Originally I was just going to go with a pure pink look but as I experimented a bit I discovered that green actually suited him well hence took full advantage of this discovery.
And of course last but most definitely not least Princes Malcolm and Donalbain, the sons of King Duncan. Not much different lookwise from their father really but if you're wondering who's who Malcolm, the eldest son, is the one who has longer hair and lager butter-fly wings whereas Donalbain, the youngest son, is the one with shorter hair and smaller butter-fly wings. With Malcolm and Donalbain I decided to mix it up a bit. I went with a similar colour theme like their father but also added a bit of Banquo and Fleance's colour themes to highlight them being a part of the Royal army but of much more importance since they are Princes after all. 

And that is all for this month's update. I'd like to apologise again for not being able to showcase the GANTO animation tests this month. However, not being one to miss at least once a monthly update I hope you still enjoyed what I had to offer.

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Friday, 31 July 2015

World Of GANTO: Background Characters Galore!

Here ye here ye Peeps, it is I once again with even more GANTO related news! Now what will this month's update be about I hear you say? Well remember last year I posted this image of two random background characters I created?
And you may recall this little quote I wrote about it:

"Whilst they're only generic background characters and thus play NO part in this story whatsoever, I still wanted them to look interesting in a "they have their own story going on which we're not going to see" way, just like real life really. The amount of times I've walked past people in the streets, my nosey self have often wondered what their lives and daily routines must be like? Also because GANTO is set in a fictional version of London, the amount of interesting characters you see in real life amongst London life surely it'll be a waste not to take advantage of that? Don't get me wrong I'm not planning on spending my entire project JUST to create background characters, but neither do I want them to look like a half-arsed effort." 

Well, that's what this month's update is going to be all about, time to showcase some background characters you will be seeing in GANTO!
Starting with the Comic-Con/Anime cosplaying folks! As a Comic-Con/Anime fanatic myself I can not tell you how much I love these cosplayers! The many costumes, imagination and hard work they's put into making them, it's like entering a new fantasy world of it's own where folks can really let their hairs down and truly be themselves! I myself have never cosplayed, in fact the image below is this closet I have ever been in a "Costume"...
And even then I wouldn't even call it a costume haha! I'd love to cosplay eventually, especially as the Pin-Cushion Man or a Ghostbuster or the Mad-Hatter etc. you name it! But for now I'll just leave the other cosplayers to it. Anyways enough about cosplayers moving on!

As well as cosplayers here are the many other eccentricities I always tend to see around London...
From the hipster types to the ones who are perfectly comfortable being themselves and don't give a damn what others think of them! These are the very people who help make London an even more interesting place to be. Not forgetting the inclusion of the Scotsman here, trust me you'll find many Scottish folks living amongst the many diversity of London life.

Speaking of diversity I figured why not include that too?
From ethnic to religious, London truly can't get anymore exciting and interesting than that can it?

Sadly I began to run out of ideas with whom else to include so I then started to draw people I actually know in real life!
Yup, these four are based on people I actually know, I haven't shown them these and I also know for a fact they're unlikely going to ever be looking at my blog anytime soon, so let's just keep this little secret to ourselves mm'kay?

And these are the wonderful background characters you will be seeing in GANTO! Whether I'll be animating them is another matter but for now they'll just be standing there looking "fabulous". 

And before I bring this latest update to a close I have created more animation tests by the way but I've decided to save them for next month's update so be sure to tune in for that!

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula