Sunday, 29 November 2015

Doggy NOT Eat Doggy Catty World!

Why hello again there Peeps! It is I once again showcasing to you all ever more...Errrm...Stuff?

Anyways for this month's update I shall be talking about another fan requested illustration, with the fan in question wanting to remain anonymous since s/he doesn't really like putting his/her name out there on the internet (which is fair enough honestly), therefore I shall only refer to him/her as Anonny!

So Anonny requested if I could draw his/her Cat & Dog which is fine and all except it was very vague, what does s/he want his/her Cat & Dog to do and how does s/he want me to draw them? Not too sure him/herself, s/he sent me their photos of what they looked like as well informing me that his/her Dog is a female whilst the Cat is male (blinded in one eye to boot) and just said s/he was interested to see what I would come up with, doing so with little to no information. So with pen and pencil (and later Photoshop) in hand I got cracking and ended up creating these...
Viola! Here is ze result! Playing dress up, the Cat & Dog are living on their own little floating island without in care in the world (and quite frankly the way this very planet is like at the mo, they're better on on floaty island)! The only problem is, as I discovered after completion, the Doggy can survive just fine with giant bones growing on the side but what about the poor Cat? All's well and good him playing with his Gameboy and near ball-yarn tree and all, but the Cat can't just survive on that, he needs to eat too dammit! So going straight back to square one I decided to add a little extra...
Viola! Here is ze other result! A bunch of flying Rats-With-Wings floating all over the place, now neither the Cat nor Dog shall starve and may very well stay just fine on this floaty thing away from all the increasing madness of this planet forever! As to what Annony thought of all this...Let's just say we have one big happily impressed bunny.

On this note if you wonderful folks, just like what Annony did, would like to send in a fan request for moi to create, here is the contact detail below...
If it's in anyway shape and form rude however, than forget it! I will just ignore that type of request completely, you've been warned!

Now before I bring this latest update to a close, I'd like to just apologise for last month's update. Because I just wanted to showcase my numerous GANTO animation tests so badly, I thought I had figured out the perfect way to do it without the scanner but alas as you all saw the quality didn't turn out as great as I wanted at all. Worry not for I shall continue to animate GANTO from my very Red Eye Chambers, so on that note the GANTO project is still progressing incredibly well but just be warned you won't be seeing any tests anytime soon until I can finally sort out my incredibly annoying scanning situation! Worst case scenario I may just only post the main key-frames instead so that you wonderful folks can get a rough idea how the GANTO project is looking like so far.

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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