Friday, 25 December 2015

A Very Thomas & Druken Doggies Christmas! (Final Blog Update Of 2015)

Merry Chrimbo Peeps! It is I once again with the final update of 2015 before the start of the new 2016! And what better way to end the year than a Christmassy theme but this time with an another Fan request!

Now like last time, this other person wishes not to be named either so I shall respect that request and name him/her Anononon. Interestingly enough Anononon wanted me to create 2 images, one of a Staffie & Jack Russell celebrating Christmas and the other a very simple Thomas The Tank Engine type card. So with pen and pencil in hand, I went straight to work...
 And viola here is ze result! To be honest I thought it would be quite boring to just have a Staffie & Jack Russell sitting there smiling so in pure Red Eye I decided to make it a little more interesting and make them look drunk whilst celebrating Christmas! Not going to lie, am a bit concerned about that Christmas Tree in the background standing so dangerously close to the Fireplace, let's just hope nothing catches on fire...

Now onto the Thomas image. Although a big part of me really wanted to put in some Red Eye spice into the image, I really couldn't do it I'm sorry! It's freaking Thomas The Tank Engine dammit, he's such a huge part of all our childhoods I just couldn't do it! That would be like drawing Mickey Mouse with 3 heads and multiple eyes (an image I never, ever wish to see again UGH curse you internet)! So while not my usual style, I decided to keep it as sweet and simple instead as you will below...
Wait a darn minute are those Snowmen mocking me?! Shut up Snowmen don't be such jerks, you try being cruel to Thomas and then we'll see if you'll be laughing then!

Have to say, it's really nice to create something new and different from my usual artistic style so just for that thank you Anononon for providing me with a new challenge. Now if you'd like a fan request for me to create, here's how to get in touch.
How interesting that this time I didn't pull up my Epic Christmas Card I created years back...Ah a screw it I can't resist here!
What can I say? It's the one Christmas related illustration I'm most proud of making, it just screams "Red Eye" and I fear I may never be able to top it! Hope I will eventually but for the time being I shall keep posting this every Christmas dammit!

Now before I bring this final 2015 entry to a close a couple of GANTO related update. Animation wise I'm doing fine no complaints there, it's the Scanner that's the problem grrrrr! Hopefully in the new year it'll all be sorted but fear not GANTO is still being made behind the scenes waiting to be seen so please do keep a big eye on that front.

Well that's all for 2015 folks and until next time...


Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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