Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ze Tales Of Black Mass & Fairies! (I.E. Even More Talenthouse Comps)

Hello there fellow Peeps! It is I once again to talk about my Talenthouse entry for...

But first I'm going to talk about another Talenthouse competition I entered to design a dress for the singer Lena. Although I'm not a "fashionista" at all to be honest, I still decided to enter it anyway more so as an experimental illustration to try something different from my usual "crazy and dark humoured" style. For my design I decided to go with a fairy theme whilst also bearing in mind of paying respect for Lena's late friend (the reason why she wants this dress in the first place, as a tribute to her friend), so here is my illustration with 3 different colour palettes.
As for the dress itself, by using a similar silhouette style in the same vein as the world renowned German Animator Lotte Reiniger, I wanted to use silhouettes within the dress to represent the everlasting friendship between Lena and her late friend whom she clearly really cared for. For the final entry I decided to enter the 2nd colour palette. Although the winner of this comp is yet to be announced however, either way it was nice to try something different for once to help me grow as an artist.

Now back to the other Talenthouse entry...
And viola here is ze result! Despite being an animator this is the first time I've ever actually created a Gif! And since that was the case I just figured "Why not begin with style?" For this project I decided to go with the traditionally drawn animation method whilst still sticking to the spirit of the film itself Black Mass. Despite all the hard work, "non" sweat and "non" tears, I'm very pleased to say to was an awful lot of fun to create! Unlike the Lena comp, the winner for Black Mass has been announced and although I didn't win it (sadly) it was still a very nice pleasure involved with (not to mention have have something nice and new to add to my animated showreel).

Now before I bring this latest update to a close you wonderful folks are probably wondering what's happening on the GANTO front? Well, the bad news is the scanner at home is still down unfortunately (major bummer huh?). HOWEVER...The good news is after my little experiment with Black Mass I think I've figured out another way to showcase my current animation tests for you all to see! It will be slower than the actual scanning but the point is I figured it out! But you'll just have to wait until next month's update so nah!

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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