Sunday, 28 February 2016

Woot! Proper GANTO Animation Tests At Long Last!

Bonjour my darling Peeps! It is I once again with actual GANTO animation tests done properly at long last!

Sorry it's taken so long but at least you folks can finally see how the GANTO project is doing so far.
Have to say I'm actually kind of impress how I'm doing so far, so worried that the tests might not work out how I'd like but wow! It's actually working out better than I anticipated! Granted it still needs some tweaking here and there but for now I'm just glad to see my hard work and passion haven't gone to waste after all.

Just for the record I have actually done so much more than this but due to time I've decided to just upload these for the time being and save the rest for future updates. After all where is the fun in the tease if I showed all of them at once eh?

Expect more GANTO teaser animation tests in the not too distant future. But for the time being I've now got to turn the above B&W animation tests into these...

It will take a while so please do wish me the best! Also you may notice Jonathan's colours are slightly different from his original concept art here...
And believe me when I say there is a very good reason for this. Because the original coloured code sheet for Jonathan has now sadly gone missing, thus I had to try and re-discover the colour codes I used original. However, in doing so I discovered I actually liked the newer coloured codes better, hence why I decided to just stick to the new coloured code and quickly jotted down list for the codes future reference. Not to worry me' hearties, for I will make absolute sure not to lose the new colour codes this time.

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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