Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Seasons Of Khadambi" Animation Film

Hey Peeps! It is I once again bringing you another Update from the wonderful crazy World of with moi's...But this time a FINALLY completed Animated piece YAYZ!!!!! :D And no it's NOT the Squirrel (I've only just got into full production for it) and it's also not my usual crazy style but good enough piece to be proud of in it's own right. To be honest I actually finished this film a long time ago (back in November 2010) but I was under contract to NOT show it anywhere until after it was exhibited which I now CAN haha! :D

As part of our UNI Course one of the Units we had to complete was the "The Live Project". The scary thing about the "The Live Project" was the fact that this time we had to work for a REAL client therefore we really couldn't afford to screw up this time.

In our case our client were The National Trust where we had to animate a moving image of how we personally felt about the house of the late, great Kenyan artist, poet, author and mathmagician Khadambi Asalache (who resided in London).

Now I along with Natalie Young had already worked with The National Trust previously on their Sound Project for the house (in fact it was this very project where my Lucius The Bitter Squirrel story first originated from) and while that was a fun, interesting project however; since the 2 of us are both animators this time we REALLY had to show what we're capable of.

So for the project our class split into 4 Groups, I was in Group 3 with Dimitri Nicolai, Orunmilla Williams and Yang Zhang. Together we came up with an idea that Khadambi's house very much had a very seasonal feel to it so decided to do a non narrative, 4 seasons piece in his tribute.

I was also the Producer of the project and as an animator I animated the falling Snowflakes for the Winter season and the Autumn Plants for the Autumn Season.

I'll be honest this isn't really my normal style. I'm more of a crazy, surreal and eccentric storyteller at heart but like I said this project wasn't about me and what the client wants the client gets; who am I to argue. Despite being out of my comfort zone however I have to say I am indeed really pleased with our this film turned out. After all it may not be my normal style but it does show what us I can do if the time calls for me to try something different for someone else.

This film along with the 3 other groups in our class is currently being shown at the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton/Hackney so if you enjoyed this piece please do check out my other friends' pieces as well since they are all brilliant Khadambi tribute films in their own rights.

Anyways enjoy the film!

That's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :)

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Frank Frazetta Tribute Competition Image (Or What Could've Been), Squirrel Update And Possible Future Story

Hey Peeps! :D It is I once again bringing you the latest additions to my Magical Blog in Ze World Nutty moi! ;)

Remember Months back when I was trying to enter The Frank Frazetta Tribute Competiton? Whatever happened to it you ask? Well this was my intended entry which as you can see has never been completed.

What I had planned in my mind was to give a somewhat a much more humourus take on Frank Frazetta's Style but still have an Epic feeling from within. Of course as you all may know it was originally The Tentacled Harpie Image but I overdid it and it ended up being quite Cartoony instead which I really wasn't that comfortable with. Don't get me wrong the Image was nice in itself but you could hardly call Frank Frazetta's Style "Cartoony" now can you? So of course I decided to start again and oh behold that's where the above image comes in.

Story here is that the Warrior is playing the oh ever so "Epic" Game of Chess with a a Giant Winged Serpent. The Warrior Dude of course is Winning and the Winged Serpent is PISSED and tries his damnest to stop him from beating him and hence Ze Epic Battle to Win this ultimate Chess Game begins! :D Don't worry Winged Serpent there's always the "Epic" Game of Twister! ;)

So what happened? Well first of all I kept trying to improve the Winged Serpent because I didn't really like the way he looked (still don't to be honest :/) and secondly I got a bit cocky and thought "Oh I've got plenty of time! Oh I could do this tomorrow!" But as the Deadline got closer I got ill O_o and didn't have the energy so of course I missed the Deadline. :(
Just roughs of trying to get the Winged Serpent right.

I admit it was my fault, moral of the Story kids? Never, EVER leave anything til the last minute mmkay? ;p

I will try and finish this Image once and for all evantually but for now Lucius The Squirrel of course takes my full pirority.

Speaking of which here are the latest developments of Lucius now. I've actually got more images but unfortunately my Blog Upload is being a little bit of a Biatch at the mo so these are the only 3 Images I could Upload at the mo. Better than nothing eh? :/

I'll try again later tonight to Re-Edit this latest Post but can't promise I'm afraid.

And to bring this latest Update to a close below is an image of my possible future Story "Severus And The Children Of Benjero Callum".

Not my best Illustration ever I admit, plenty of flaws here but it's just a rough so I can live with that.

Apart from the "GANTO Revival" Project this is a quite an ambitious Project to be honest. Ideally I'd LOVE for it to be a Feature Film but I've got to be realistic here right now it's just me. Don't get me wrong I do intend on Teaming up with my Friends from UNI again and working with them in future but bare in mind that we're ALL going to be very, VERY busy Bunnies so at the mo I'm considering making this into a one off Mini-Comic/Manga Series instaed for now. :)

Well that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula