Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Operation BAA!!!!!: Al Pasheepino's Revenge (Project Title & Concept Art)

Hey Peeps! It is I once again bringing you the latest development of our brand new friend Al Pasheepino just like I promised. :)

As most of you should know by now from my previous Update I am entering the BAA Competition and have already come up with an idea for it involving my newest creation Al Pasheepino. Due to BAA's strange voting system I'm aiming to try and get this finished as soon as possible but at the same time I'd like it to be good so don't really want to rush it either. Currently I'm still at my Pre-Production stage hence I'm trying to get to know the character of Al Pasheepino better as you will see below with moi's concept art for him....
Yup, couldn't resist doing a Poster for this haha! :D Current project title is "Al Pasheepino's Revenge", of course that doesn't necessarily mean this title will be the final deal but so far I kind of like it. :) Oh yeah and I've also decided make his wool black because in my opinion he just looks better with it to be honest.
As usual, experimenting with his facial expressions which should be able to help me use as reference to bring him to life. ;)
Now experimenting with a couple of his body poses...With guns.
Without guns.
Guns are back.
And yes more guns. Not looking very PC at the mo is it?! O_o But don't worry folks it's really not as bad as it looks! I'm planning on using "Tom & Jerry" type violence and NOT blood, guts and gore violence.

I've got the story planned but I need someone to check my Treatment for it and so far no one's stepping up on the plate for me. :( Hopefully I'll find someone soon but for now I guess the next steps for me are the Storyboards.

And before I bring this latest Update to a close I'm just going to re-post my "To Do List". Why you ask? Well to be honest it's to help kick myself up the backside really. Since leaving UNI I've been feeling quite down and lonely, both feelings being the very last things I wanted. So what do I do everytime I feel down? I keep reminding myself what I want to do with my life and to try and be positive hence you may have noticed why I'm Updating my Blog a lot more than before. It's the only thing keeping me going at the mo.  
I don't want to feel like this anymore! :( If I am to achieve my goals then I need to keep kicking myself up the backside to get there. Whew! Sorry for this sudden change of tone but needed to get that of my chest.  So yeah, everytime I'm feeling down, expect moi to keep re-posting this as a reminder to keep going and not give up. :)

Well, that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula


  1. Hey Noor, loving the drawings so far XD. Is it wrong to say that Al Pasheepino looks kinda sexy? -_- LOL anyway I'll just give a bit of constructive criticism. I think the name "Al Pasheepino" is too long. Maybe "Al Pasheepo"? It's up to you but personally I think that would work better since it has the same number of syllables as "Al Pacino". Anyway, good luck with the rest of your drawings and I'm looking forward to your next update XDD.

  2. Hey there Anon (whoever you are) thanks for your feedback. :)

    I can see where you're coming from regarding the name, it is a bit too long I admit and I have to say your suggestion isn't a bad idea. I'll think about it. :)

    As for him looking "sexy" how on earth do I do it? Any character I ever draw, be it man, woman, Demon, animal etc. there's always at least one person who finds my creations sexy. Of course that's not a bad thing, in fact personally I think it's quite funny because the majority of the time it's not even intentional haha! :D

    Anyways glad you're enjoying my Blog :) my next Update is going to be about "Clichés" with very little on the Sheep I'm afraid but I hope you'll find it just as enjoyable. :)

    Once again thanks for your feedback and support Oh Mysterious One. ;)