Friday, 30 January 2015

Another Happy Late New Year - First Bloggy Update Of 2015!

Happy incredibly late new year Peeps! Here's to the lovely Jonathan drinking away to the new year!

But since this is going to be an actual scene from GANTO, here is a biro drawing of Jonathan saying it.
And yes it is I once again bestowing upon you all another monthly update and of course the first update of 2015. To be honest because I've been too busy working on GANTO this won't be a very long update. However figured this would be an awesome time to showcase this!
This very image is for the lovely Valeria Coots who requested me to create a card of her sister's Dog named Fritz for her sister's birthday. Here's what she described for me to work from:

"His name is Fritz, he lives in Munich and has the stoical temperament and appetite that characterises a true Bavarian. Living not far from the Octoberfest venue, he enjoys indulging in leftovers such as pigs knuckles, grilled sausage and chicken and whatever he can scavenge which he seems to greatly prefer over his hand-picked health food. His greatest passion is swimming in alpine rivers and streams."

What's not mentioned here is that she also described Fritz as being very "majestic" hence the whole Game Of Thrones royalty theme too. I'll probably need to colour this too but first I'm going to send this to her for feedback to see what she thinks of it first. Hopefully I've done her proud and given her exactly what she wanted. Oh and in case you're wondering what that weird mermaid hybrid creature is, that's Heidi, the famous cross-eyed German Opossum.

And before I bring this latest update to a close, I'm just posting this again for good measure.
(Note: Must be UK based, preferably around the London & Surrey areas)

Thankfully I'm starting to get more applications for this now but just in case, find me some actors people!

Well that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators and have a very happy, joyous 2015! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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