Thursday, 25 December 2014

St. Nicky Wicky: "YOU SHALL NOT PAAAAAASS...Yet!" Merry Chrimbo 2014!

Merry Chrimbo Peeps! It is I once a again bringing you the last update of 2014 before 2015 starts.

As many of you know ever since Christmas of 2010 I have been trying to re-create a Christmas Card as epic as this. 
Which in my opinion is the best I've created. Although it's proving quite hard to do, I decided to keep trying and experimenting anyway and who knows? Maybe I'll surpass this eventually?

In the mean time I decided to focus on the real life Santa Claus St. Nicholas this year for my Christmas Card. Whilst researching many European Christmas folklores surrounding the man, I discovered something quite interesting, that is the mythology of Krampus! How the hell did I miss this guy and why isn't he more well known in the UK?! Seriously of all cartoons and TV christmas specials involving Santa/Nicholas trying to save Christmas you'd think Krampus would be the perfect villain to use? Such a wasted opportunity to be honest.

Anyway according to the Krampus Mythos he is the Anti-Santa/Nicholas, as many of you know Santa/Nicolas provides gifts for the good children who behaved themselves all year, whereas Krampus on the other hand comes after the naughty children, takes them away and...Well the Mythos never actually say what Krampus does to them after he takes them but judging from the various art works that exist based on the Krampus story I don't think I want to know.

There is one issue I have with the Krampus story though (and to be honest it's quite a big one), when you read about the history of St. Nicholas and what a kind, generous man he was, why the hell would he let Krampus take the children away to do God knows what with them? Even if they were naughty, really? I mean really?! This just didn't sit right with me hence why, with pen in hand, I decided to do something about it...
And viola! Here's the Christmas Card of this year and my own take on the story. It's St.Nicholas coming the save to children from Krampus whilst yelling: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Gandalf style!  This is what SHOULD happen in my view.

Who knows? After I finish GANTO maybe I'll do a Krampus film next? And make him similar character wise to the Pincushion Man!
I don't care what anyone says! Pincushion Man is the greatest character ever created and I'm just gutted I didn't come up with him first!

Speaking of GANTO here's a quick update before I bring this latest entry to a close. The good news is I may have finally found some voice-actors yay! However, the writing isn't completely on the wall yet so just in case, I'll repost this image again... 
(Note: Must be UK based, preferably around the London & Surrey areas)

Hopefully I'll finally be able to animate the lyp-synching scenes!


Until next time...

See ya later Navigators and see you all in 2015! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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