Sunday, 12 September 2010

JONATHAN'S REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_o (GANTO THERAPY)

HEY PEEPS!!!!! It's annoying me again! :D

As some of you may know my Film Project "GANTO" did not turn out so well and although the planned Remake is definately still on the cards I am however still really upset about it going wrong. But if there is one thing I know is that laughter is my best Medicine (laughing ALWAYS helps me get through the toughest challenges) so I've decided to humour myself by doing a Self-Parody of how I feel about this whole sad sorry mess.
Here I've made the awesomely down to earth, cheerful, bubbly and lovely Jonathan (one of the Key Characters of "GANTO" and must Add the most Popular amongst my Peers) into somthing Devilish Evil! O_o Jonathan personality wise is the type of Character I'd love to be, pretty much representing my cheerful side and now I've twisted him into an angry, bitter menace. Basically showing how angry at myself for letting this go so wrong! D:< As well as letting so many people down, that was not funny. :(>
So yes Drawing this has made me feel a little better. Hell I should be doing this more often! Self Tharapies are goooooooooooood. :) Espcially Humoures ones haha! :D
Well that's it for now until next time...
See ya later Navigators! :D
Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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