Sunday, 27 February 2011


Heeeeeeey what's up Peeps?! :D It is I once again bringing you more wonderful Squirrel Updates!

But first...Business Card!

As you can see below is my Business I FINALLY got down to making (WAAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue)! I really like what I've done so far BUT I want make sure it definately works before releasing this to the whole wide world (haha sounds like an animal! :D) so any tips and feedbacks would be very much apprciated thank you. :)

Now onto our dear old good friend Lucius The Squirrel! :D

As you can see I've re-designed him (AGAIN) to make him a lot more simpler and cuter and this time I truely do believe it works! :D
As well as Character Designs I've now finally got down onto doing Keyscenes and Storyboards. Below are these very rough Keyscenes and Storyboards now! ;)

BUT...They are in NO particular order and right now I'm not too comfortable talking about the Story itself at the mo because I'm still giving the Story a few tweaks here and there. Hell some of the Scenes you're seeing below might NOT even be used in the end! After all it all depends on what works and what doesn't work really. So just take a look anyway to see my little work in progress.

Well that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula


  1. Hey there "Red Eye". I've been following your blog for a while and i gotta say, I'm really impressed! I'm a great fan of your work. The reason I'm leaving this comment is to give you some feedback/constructive criticism. First of all, the business card. Personally, I'd suggest adding more information but thats just my opinion. Secondly, the squirrel. I myself am an animator/artist and finished university about 5 years ago. If your trying to make the squirrel look as cute as possible I'd suggest diluting his eyes slightly and making his hair more scruffy/fluffy. Obviously I'm not forcing you to do this, I'm just stating my views. Thanks! Hope to see more updates soon!

  2. Hey there Anon (Whoever you are)! :D

    Thanks so much for you Comments, don't for a minute feel bad at all for giving me constructive criticisms. In fact I for one encourage it! ;p

    There's no point going through life expecting people to constantly go on saying how "great" my work is to the point where nothing changes and it's the same old CRAP! After all how else can we better our work? The more constructive feedback we receive the better our work will become in future. :) As the good old saying goes, "A person who doesn't make mistakes NEVER makes anything".

    Oh God I'm just rambling now O_o hope I made sense?

    Anyways thanks for your feedback, I'll be taking what you said on board. :)

    And thanks for appreciating my work, hope I can continue impressing you. :)

    And just before I bring this Comment to a close please be sure to check out some of my Friends' Blogs who are all unique and AWESOME in their own right (they're of course all Linked on the side of my Blog). If you love my stuff then you'll sure as hell love theirs too. ;)

    Once again thanks. :)

    Noor "Red Eye" Mula