Monday, 20 June 2011

What does the future hold for this poor unfortunate Soul? Craaaaazaaaaaay Doodle Of Hope has ze answers! :p

Hey Peeeeeeeeps! It is I once again bringing more news from my weird, wacky, wonderful World! :D

First of all I am please to announce that the Film "Bitter Critter" has finally been completed BUT...I'm not going to Upload it mwahahahaha! >:D Well...Not yet anyway. I'm going to be entering it into Film Festivals first so you lovely people may not be able to finally see it for some time.

Secondly I need to talk about the future. I'm now on my way out from Uni and will be facing the big, bad, scary World out there for the first time on my own. I'm not going to lie, I am nervous of what my Future will be. In fact I'm currently trying to gather ideas of what to do next to keep carrying doing what I want in my life which is animation and illustration (obviously).

Remember the original Craaaazaaaay Doodle I illustrated with Joshua Kahan? Well I decided to go back to the image to colour  it and here's the result!

Look at it...Isn't it purrrrrrrty? All he, she or it ever needed was a bit of Make-Up. :'( So screw you Beautiful.Com! Trudie is waaaaaaay more beautiful than you arrogant, vain losers will ever be.

Errrrrr? Yeah I've decided to name the Craaaazaaaay Doodle Trudie! :D Such a nice name don't you think? ;) As well as the above I also took the liberty of trying out different colour schemes for our Dear beloved Trudie.

But wait what has Trudie got to do with this latest Update? Well truth is when I first drew this I was in one of my down moods and oddly enough this really cheered me up. Despite this Doodle not being drawn in my normal personal style I still get fascinated everytime I look at it and would even consider this one of my best Illustrations. Which is why I've decided from this day on to call Trudie my Craaaaazaaaaay Doodle Of Hope! :D Whenever in future I begin to feel down/upset/depressed I shall always look upon Trudie to guide me out of my dark place. *Sniff* :') I also plan to animate this to see what it'll be like alive so watch this space!

AND NOW...Moving on! :p As many of you know by now I've been studying animation for 3 Years and now that I'm nearly finished I plan to continue down this path. Below is my brand new Showreel of 2011 featuring the highlights of my animated pieces of work so far including a few scenes from my latest Film "Bitter Critter" so Fans of Lucius The Squirrel take a sneak peak at how the Film looks like ;). 

But what now? What's going to happen to moi? Well fear not my darling Peep Peeps I am NOT going anywhere! This is the path I've chosen and I shall stick to it! Hell I've even taken the liberty of writing this "To Do" List below... (Note: The priorities are in no particular order.)

I have deliberately made this "To Do" List Public for the entire World to see, therefore, I've got absolutely NO excuse to back out now! I have to stick to this whether I like it or not and you lovely lot have the right to pull me up and question whether I've achieved any of these personal goals in yet to come.

And now to bring about my final conclusion for this latest Update as the below image explains...

Yes that's right Peep Peeps, Uni life may be over but now this New Chapter in my life is only the beginning. If I want things to happen I've got to make them happen, it's all up to me now...AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I SHALL SUCCEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Awwwwwwww damn! I want to ride on Pegasus now. :'( Hey I've just had a "bright" idea! I shall illustrate myself riding Pegasus! :D And what's more I'm going to give Pegasus 5 Heads just to be more "original" haha! ;D Yes! think I'll do just that! :p Looks my future is looking bright already. ;)

Well that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D In the not too distant future of course! ;p

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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