Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Old School Red Eye! WOW!!!!! Did I really do all this?! O_o

Hey Peeps! It is once again bringing you another addition to my weird and wacky world BUT...Only this time it isn't anything new, it's actually my old Sketchbook work I've never shown the World to until now.

But first you guys may have noticed that I've now joined the Behance Network, a great place to showcase my Portfolio to the World. ;) As well this Blog please do keep up to date with my Behance Account too and feel free to Follow me there too. :) Now that my shameless promoting is over, onto what this latest Update is really about...

WOW!!!!! Seriously did I really do all this?! O_o I decided to take a long walk down Memory Lane today by skimming through all of my old Sketchbooks today and was just simply amazed by how much work I've actually done over my Years. O_o In fact all the Images I've Uploaded here (in no particular order) isn't even all of them, I've selected the ones I personally thought were/are the best. This sounds really bad but these very images I've Uploaded now I thought were pretty awful when I first made them but looking at them now they were actually really good! O_o I really do need to stop beating myself up and being so negative. >:(

What you also need to bare in mind is that compared to my work now these were all my Pre-Photoshop days. As you can tell by all of my new work I tend Sketch and shade my Illustrations first and then Upload them onto Photoshop to finish them off where as before it seems I used to actually experiment with different styles more and wasn't even afraid of doing them. As much as I love Photoshop to bits, there are some things however that just look so much better by hand. After seeing all this I really do want to go back to experimenting with the old Mediums again. Don't get me wrong that's not to say I quit Photoshop (don't be silly, I would never even DARE dream of doing such a thing :p) but I do think I need to start doing a little bit of both if I am to survive in this dog eat dog world business path.

And before I bring this latest Blog Post to a close I think I may start Uploading some of my old work in future so keep your eyes peeled. ;)

Well that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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