Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stop-Motion? I've clearly still got very a looooooong way to go! O_o Plus GANTO's original Animatic and a small shout out.

Hey Peeps! It is I once again bringing you the latest bulletin! Actually to be honest this is going to be about personal Updates and requests so please do bear with moi.

As many of you should know by now I'm planning on re-making GANTO and I'm seriously thinking of  going down the Stop-Motion route this time (completely out of my comfort zone). For those who don't know GANTO was a film/story I Pitched in my 2nd Year at Uni and was one of the lucky winners to have the film to put into Production. However, to cut a long story short personal problems appeared that was beyond any of our controls and GANTO did not to turn out as good as it could've been. Knowing it's potential that's why I'm aiming to give it a 2nd chance and will even go as far to say I aim to make it even better then it originally ever was. Which is precisely why I'm currently mapping it out really carefully and starting from scratch by actually going back to the original Animatic I pitched as seen below. (Password: GANTO Renaissance!)
I've currently got so many ideas forming in my head right now of what to do and how to improve it but I'm really not sure if they'll work and whether they're too risky? Normally I would consult one of my former Uni buddies/classmates/colleagues (whatever it is they want to call themselves, I just simply don't know anymore) about this but since they, along with me, are currently too busy trying to sort out their own post Uni lives I don't really want to disturb them. So if by any chance they're very kindly viewing my Blog right now (don't know if they are but you never know)...HI!!!!! :D I know you're all busy and that's fine I understand but if you personally think you could spare just a couple of minutes to discuss this with me, just message me. :) (Whether by Phone, Email, Facebook etc. I really don't mind).

I've recently been looking at a lot of Stop-Motion films/making ofs etc. And truthfully I still have no idea of where to begin? Especially when you look at this really old, rough Stop-Motion short I made in 2006 (yes I was even Animating before Uni :p) and truth be told it looks as though I still have a lot of stuff to learn if I am going to make GANTO into Stop-Motion, especially if I want it to look better than this. :/
So why Stop-Motion? Because truthfully I want to try a different medium for once which isn't traditionalhand drawn and would help me become an even better, flexible animator. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT quitting traditional hand drawn! I love it to bits and it will always be dear to me but like I said it's nice to experiment with new things now and then. Another reason is because I was also inspired by the Robert Morgan's new animated short "Bobby Yeah!" Perhaps the most original, weirdest, crazy, "psycho" horror type Stop-Motion film you'll ever see! Seriously if you haven't seen it yet check it out, it'll blow your mind! (Don't show it to kids though, not a good idea. O_o) Here's a small interview with him and the Trailer if anyone wants to check it out. :)

And before I bring this latest Post to a close, if anyone knows of any good Stop-Motion books to recommend please do let me know thanks. :) 

Well that's all for now folks and until next time...

See ya later Navigators! :D

Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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