Monday, 9 August 2010


HEY THERE! De Eval one here introducing the latest Sins Wrath & Gluttony. :)

Greedy heavily obese bugger Gluttony (bottom Pic obviously) has quite a few mouths (espcially a HUGE one on his stomach) and has a great appetite for people! O_o Unlike Lust (who only eats men the dirty ho! :p) Gluttony isn't very fuzzy with Genders (even bigger dirty HO! :p), as far as he's concerned we're ALL food! O_o You may also notice that he doesn't have any legs. Well the reason for that is because he's become sooooooooooo obesely FAT that his own weight of his belly evantually consumed his legs! O_o But don't celebrate too soon for he doesn't need legs all he has to do is BOUNCE to his prey YIKES!!!!! O_o
Crazy Dude Wrath (top Pic obviously) on the other hand doesn't eat people but he is extremely deadly! O_o With badly tempared personality EVERYTHING pisses him off. In fact if you so much as do somthing as completly innocent as asking him for the Time he'll not only kill you but he'll kill everyone around you as well as your Friends and Relatives! O_o By tearing his Victims apart limb from limb Wrath always makes sure his Victims are alive whilst doing this hence giving them all a slow, painful death. With the Strength of over a thousand men he is powerful enough to kill 10,000,000,000 in 10 Minutes alone! O_o He takes no Prisoners and once you bump into him there's no escape thanks to the Strength and Speed of his 4 Legs making faster than a Cheater and unlike Cheaters he doesn't get tired! O_o But don't be disheartened for there is still chance for you to Defeat Wrath but it takes real wits to beat this guy for his biggest weakness is his pea Brain (all Strength no Brains :p). Out smart him and he's beaten but becareful for he is simply way too strong! O_o
Well that's it for now coming up Sloth & Greed but until next time...
See ya later Navigators! :D
Noor "Red Eye" Mula

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